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JIB Gold Card For Experienced Workers NVQ 2356-99

XS Training are offering the JIB/City & Guilds NVQ 2356-99 for mature candidates who need to complete the NVQ in order to obtain their JIB gold card. This route is only available to those who have relevant technical qualifications and have been working in the industry for at least five years.

For those who do not meet the criteria for this new NVQ, there is still the option to complete the City & Guilds 2357 which also leads to JIB gold card. The AM2 is mandatory for both the NVQ 2356-99 and the NVQ 2357 and must be completed before the full certificate is awarded. Once the certificate is awarded you will be eligible for JIB grading.

If you are interested in either the NVQ 2356-99 or the NVQ 2357 then please complete the online application form.

Electrical NVQ Online Nationwide £750.00 or £150 per month

XS Training are offering the NVQ 2356-99 for mature candidates for only £750 throughout the UK. This price includes on-site assessment and upon completion of this NVQ candidates will become eligible for their JIB gold card.

We are also offering the NVQ 2357 performance units for the same price of only £750 and this can also be completed entirely online.

Complete the application form for further details.

Crackdown On Forged JIB ECS Cards

Forged Qualifications – Fake Electricians Exposed

The JIB have reported that a labourer recently doctored his ECS card in an attempt to pass himself off as a qualified electrician. This attempt could have put lives at risk had the fraud not been identified immediately. Luckily the person in question was challenged and may now face prosecution and imprisonment under The Fraud Act 2006.

David Thomas, the Strategic Development Manager at the JIB advised that fake certificates and ECS cards continue to be an issue that the JIB are combating. However, in order to crackdown on these forgeries the industry and needs to be vigilant and pay closer attention to the JIB cards and qualifications of operatives to ensure they are indeed genuine.

The ECS are experienced at detecting fraud and have recently seen an increase in ECS applications containing doctored certificates. Unbeknown to these applicants the ECS Compliance Unit work closely with City & Guilds, EAL and CSCS fraud investigators who combat these cases. All applicants that have been highlighted as fraudulent are immediately withdrawn, reported to the authorities and cannot reapply for an ECS card for at least six years. Additionally, those that have been successful and later found to be forgeries also face the same fate.

Unfortunately, this is not a new issue and cases of fraud have been reported by many over the last few years. Cases like this are not only extremely dangerous but can also give the industry itself a bad name. Only those applicants who have relevant experience and technical certificates along with their NVQ 3 Electrical should be applying to the ECS for their JIB gold card.

If you have any information regarding a fake ECS card please report this to ECS in an email to administration@ecscard.org.uk .

NVQ 2356 Unnamed Registrations Available

Online NVQ 3 Electrical Installation

We still have a limited amount of places available for the City & Guilds NVQ 2356 Electrical Installation. The City & Guilds 2356 NVQ is a stand alone NVQ meaning that you do NOT need to complete the AM2.

The final registration date for this NVQ has expired, however, we are working with a company that had previously purchased a number of unnamed registrations. This means that we can still offer the NVQ for a limited period of time and candidates will have up until December 2015 to complete this NVQ online.

Unnamed registrations allow us to offer you a place that has already been reserved with City & Guilds. Once you complete the NVQ your name will be allocated to one of the remaining licences/registrations and your certificate will then be issued by City & Guilds.

Candidates undertaking this NVQ need to demonstrate their competence for all of the eight units on three separate occasions. Photo and video evidence can be uploaded directly to the e-Portfolio allowing us to assess your evidence remotely and offer you timely feedback.

If you want to avoid the additional costs of the AM2 then this may be an ideal alternative to the City & Guilds 2357 Diploma. Contact us today to discuss and remember that we have only a few places remaining for this NVQ 2356.

Do I Need My AM2?

We have numerous applicants asking if they need their AM2. Most of these have been working in the industry for years and have been misinformed that they need their AM2 along with their NVQ to gain JIB grading.

At the moment, the AM2 is part of the apprenticeship framework and those undertaking an apprenticeship will have to take their AM2 in their final year to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

The AM2 is aimed at “new entrants” to the industry such as an apprentice or trainee. If you are an experienced electrician (practicing operative) you DO NOT need to take your AM2.

However, all this is about to change shortly. Anyone registering for their NVQ 3 Electrical Installation or Maintenance after 31st July 2012 will also have to take their AM2 as the new Electrotechnical Diploma embeds the AM2 within it. This means that you will not be able to gain your NVQ 3 Electrical without also having to undertake your AM2, regardless of experience and qualifications.

Our advice is to register for the existing NVQ before the final registration date of 31st July 2012 (unless City & Guilds extend this date) and avoid the unnecessary and additional expense of the AM2. Registration before 31st July 2012 means you can complete the NVQ anytime up until July 2015.

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